The Central Idaho Rangelands Network fosters innovative approaches to grazing, land and water management that sustain and enhance the natural and community values of our region.

We are a group of ranchers and conservationists working from the base of the peaks of the Beaverhead Mountains along the continental divide in the upper Salmon River watershed to the sagebrush steppe ecosystems of the Pioneer Mountains adjacent to the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve – a spectacular region of river valleys, mountain ranges and sagebrush steppe that is rich in wildlife and ranching traditions.
1. We work to build the value and productivity of our ranches so that they will support our families over multiple generations.

2. We seek to protect and enhance the incredible natural and scenic values of our region; the species such as salmon, pronghorn and sage grouse with whom we share the land; and the natural communities and processes that sustain us.

3. We embrace the diversity and size of the landscape - we will cross property boundaries and traditional roles to work at a meaningful scale.

4. We foster a spirit of collaboration and learning that leads to positive things happening on the ground.

5. We work in a practical, constructive and open manner