What is the Central Idaho Rangelands Network?

We are a group of ranchers and conservationists working together to develop and implement innovative approaches to grazing, land and water management that sustain and enhance the natural and community values of our region in the Upper Salmon River, Lost Rivers and Pioneer Mountains region of central Idaho.  The ranch operations currently participating in the Central Idaho Rangelands Network (CIRN) consist of 80,000 acres of private lands and over 1,500,000 acres of BLM, USFS, and State of Idaho lands.

Working ranches that include private lands and public lands grazing allotments play a crucial role in sustaining fish, wildlife, and natural ecosystems and in supporting families and communities. Despite facing the challenge of constant economic, environmental, social and regulatory change, we believe these ranches and the people who own and manage them will play a central role in the future of the region.

The CIRN is working to sustain the natural and social values of the region by:

  1. improving the economic and operational stability of our ranching operations.
  2. achieving increased conservation and restoration of land, fish, and wildlife in the region.

The CIRN is coordinated by The Nature Conservancy with support from the Lemhi Regional Land Trust and Pioneer Mountain Group. Our funding to date comes from private foundations, private donors, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.