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Lava Lake Land and Livestock was established in 1999. Owners Brian and Kathleen Bean seek to restore and protect the native landscape of the Pioneer Mountains/Craters of the Moon region and to develop business and finance strategies that support their conservation work.

Lava Lake’s grazing management is based on a multi-year grazing management plan and an extensive on-the-ground presence. Their multi-year plan is based on a scientific analysis of grazing capability and capacity and an assessment of wildlife habitat needs that was conducted in partnership with The Nature Conservancy. In addition, their management approach includes:

  •  formalized annual grazing plans that provide greater clarity to their own personnel and land management agency officials;
  • regular training and education of their sheep herders and supervisory staff to instill a stewardship-oriented perspective on land management and relations with the public and land management agencies, implementation of a bonus system that rewards herders for good land stewardship;
  • implementing GPS collar tracking system for their sheep bands;
  • regular and extensive field inspections by Lava Lake supervisory staff of grazing activities with close coordination amongst Lava Lake’s operational and scientific staff to address grazing issues, operational conflicts, and integration of grazing and conservation activities.

Lava Lake Land and Livestock has specific conservation goals. These are to protect all private lands under conservation easements, protect and improve sage grouse habitat, modify fencing to improve pronghorn migration corridors,  restore degraded habitats, particularly along riparian zones, enhance biological diversity throughout the operation, and conduct their  livestock grazing operations in concert with the natural landscape, including operating in a way that enables them  to coexist with the wild predators that they share the landscape with, including coyotes, mountain lions, bears, and wolves.

Through joining the network, Lava Lake Land and Livestock hopes to discover a collaborative approach to better management of allotments and preventing litigation during the permit renewal process. They also desire the development of monitoring data to support and evaluate their grazing management strategy.

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